let's go racing!


Colorado Speedskating Championships

Saturday, March 28, 2020  2:00pm - 6:00pm

World Arena Ice Hall

Colorado Springs, CO

Open to skaters of all ages and all abilities, from all corners of the globe.

Colorado Gold Speedskating is pleased to host this event on the Olympic ice sheet at World Arena Ice Hall. Directions can be found on our home page.


Keep your evening plans open. We'd like everyone to hang out after the racing and re-fuel at a nearby restaurant!

Race Registration

All competitors must register online. Race registration is processed through TeamSnap. All Colorado Gold club skaters who have previously registered via TeamSnap for club practice sessions must also complete this competition registration.

NOTE: ALL competitors MUST be US Speedskating members. More information below.

Registration Fees (per skater)

  • 12 years and under: $30
  • 13 through 25: $40
  • 26 and older: $55

Note: skater's age as of July 1, 2019.

Registration deadline: March 28, 2020, 1:00pm

$20 late fee applies as of March 25, 2020


  • you've been speedskating for more than one season
  • you have raced before OR
  • you're an adult skater (26 and older) of any ability

Click MY FIRST RACE below if...

  •  you're 25 and under AND
  •  this is your first season on speedskates AND
  •  you have never competed on speedskates before

It's never too early for novice skaters to try racing--it's the best practice for becoming good at racing! To encourage participation, we are offering lower registration fees to skaters who fit the MY FIRST RACE criteria. You will be matched with skaters of similar ability, not necessarily skaters of the same age.


REQUIRED: US Speedskating Membership

As mentioned above, all competitors must be US Speedskating members. US Spedskating is the national governing body of our sport, and they supply the insurance coverage that makes it possible to hold events like this competition, not to mention have a speedskating club in the first place.

Novice skaters may be eligible for the $30 "1st Year" membership. Skaters who have previously been US Speedskating members are eligible for the $55 "Club Competitor/Recreational" membership. These memberships let you race almost anywhere. To compete at national-level events, though, you need the $95 "National-Level Competitor" membership.

Please note that a US Speedskating membership is not the same thing as a membership with a local skating club.

Attention Colorado Gold club skaters:

Membership in US Speedskating is a club requirement after 5 practice session attendances, as stated under "Do I have to be a member?" on our FAQ page. Joining US Speedskating for the purposes of entering the Mile High Open also satisfies this club requirement, so please know that your new USS membership isn't just for this competition.


Additional Race Info


Plan on arriving by 1:00pm to allow for ample check-in time. We will start putting out pads promptly at 2:00pm and warmups will start immediately after. Adult skaters: please have your skates on to assist with pad and track setup--that way, the competition will start sooner and we’ll have time for more events. We'll know the types and order of events after everyone has checked in.


  • 333m (youth/novice)
  • 777m (youth/novice)
  • 500m
  • 1,000m
  • 1,500m
  • 1,500m/3000m Super Final
  • Relays, time permitting
  • Skill/Rodeo races, time permitting
  • Youth/Novice groups skate shorter races

What You Need

MANDATORY: Helmet, gloves, long sleeves, and long pants/tights/leggings.

RECOMMENDED: Neck protection, knee pads, and shin guards.

Don't forget your skates. Consider them mandatory also.

Racing Details

Race groupings will be determined after all registrations have been received. Track size is 111 meters on an Olympic sheet. Awards will be given based on placings within the old US Speedskating age ranges. This means that ages 30 and over will be grouped by decade (30-39, 40-49, etc.), not the new half-decade groupings put in place as of the 2018 Age Group Nationals.

Race groupings are based primarily on skater ability rather than age and gender, so that as much as possible, all skaters will have the opportunity to be competitive within their race groups.

Keep in mind that skaters in the same age range may skate in different race groups if the submitted qualifying times indicate skaters are of significantly different abilities. In this case, skaters in the faster group will automatically place higher in the overall age range standings than skaters in slower groups. Final race groupings are established at the sole discretion of the Competition Director.

Awards given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places within age groups.

Qualifying Time

As part of the skater’s registration process, please provide a qualifying time for the 1,000 meter distance, if known. If not, provide a time for another distance. Also tell us about the event during which this qualifying time was established--whether an official race, or a club practice time trial--in case verification is needed.

It's best to submit a time from the last 12 months. If a qualifying time is not available, estimate your time for 1,000 meters and have your coach verify that this time is a true reflection of your abilities--this may be done via email to info[at]cogold.org. Please submit a time that is reflective of your true abilities so that race groupings can be as accurate and fair as possible.


Send an email to info[at]cogold.org.