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About Us

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The Club

Colorado Gold Speedskating was originally formed as the Broadmoor Speedskating Club. The oldest records we can find date to around 1968, though we suspect there’s plenty of history predating that. The club's activities were initially centered around Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor Hotel. Perhaps if we search long enough in the bowels of the Broadmoor, we’ll find a photograph of the club from the 1920s with Jack Nicholson in it.

In 2009, the club changed its name to Colorado Gold to reflect a broader, more regional membership, along with the expansion of ice time into the Denver metro area. The name change also served to differentiate the club from the Broadmoor Skating Club, once and always a popular figure skating club.

Colorado Gold Speeskating is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides the general community the opportunity to discover the sport of speedskating. Tax-deductible donations are gladly accepted.

Cast & Crew

Dave Hopp  President

Martin Skavish  Vice President

Brian Qualls  Treasurer

Gardner Middleton  Secretary

Cameron Buel  Boardmember at Large & Equipment Manager

Ron van Ommeren  Boardmember at Large & Director of Competitions

Patrick Wentland  Director of Coaching

For the 2017-18 season, we are pleased to have Patrick Wentland coaching our club. He is a US Speedskating level 3 certified coach. During his skating career, Patrick was a multi-time National and North American champion, and twice a World Team skater. Patrick has coached national-level, world team, and Olympic athletes. He was inducted into the US Speedskating Hall of Fame in 2001. As Colorado Gold's Director of Coaching, Patrick writes all of our practice plans and leads most of the World Arena sessions.

Know where you come from...

What do you say we make this a regular part of our practices again?

Performance by the Broadmoor Speedskating Club in the 1987 Christmas Pops on Ice at the Broadmoor World Arena (original location).